What coins can I mine?

We will work with you to determine the most profitable coin. We are always optimizing our equipment and watching the markets for new opportunities.

How will I get paid?

We mine directly to your private wallet. Payouts are instant.

What is your capacity?

Our facility supports up to 1 Megawatt of continuous power consumption. That's over 3,000 RTX 4090s.

ASICs or GPUs?

We support all mining equipment including GPUs, CPUs, ASICs and FPGAs.

What is your power cost?

Our grid-tied solar panel array allows us to provide the cheapest solution in the Los Angeles area. Please contact us at info@tezari.la for pricing info.

What's included?

We include complete setup, management, optimization and repair of all your mining equipment. All costs including power are included. The only thing you have to do is bring us the equipment.

How do I pay?

For a portion of each day we will mine to our company wallet before resuming mining to your personal private wallet. You will never have to send us any money.

Can I schedule a facility tour?

Yes. Please contact us at info@tezari.la.

More questions?

Please contact us at info@tezari.la.