The Team

Kristi Phillips


Entrepreneur, investor, real estate developer and fashion designer, Kristi Phillips founded Tezari as a women's artisanal apparel brand in 2008 Kristi worked with skilled artisans and South American tribal peoples to bring handmade apparel with a unique design to the American market.

In 2017, the booming crypto market presented a new opportunity and she dove in headfirst. By the end of the year, Tezari had acquired its first mining facility and was coordinating with clients. By expanding and retrofitting our facility, Tezari continues to serve the growing needs of our customers.

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Mike Rodriguez


A Los Angeles local and crypto enthusiast, Mike first bought bitcoin in 2015. In 2016 he discovered Ethereum and built his first personal mining computer. His extensive experience is vital to Tezari where he manages client relations, facility expansion, and otherwise keeps things running. He is focused on using cryptocurrency to change the finance industry through his work at Tezari and independent endeavors. Mike enjoys watching movies, cooking, lifting weights and spending time with his friends.

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Joaquin de Mier


A lifelong tech and programming enthusiast, Joaquin was drawn into the crypto space after reading about Ethereum Smart Contracts and how they're revolutionizing the world of finance. After learning Solidity and mining Ethereum at home, he joined Tezari to share his expertise. At Tezari, he manages the setup, configuration and optimization of our technology infrastructure including our clients' mining equipment. Joaquin is focused on using technology to connect and empower people and businesses. He enjoys hiking, playing soccer and chess, and reading.

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